Social media training for business

Social media training for business – Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro, Amherst, Bedford and throughout Nova Scotia.

Are you looking for social media training for your business? Do you want to market your business using social media? Do you need help to do this?

Social media and computer skills compliment one another in the workplace. If you do not have the necessary computer skills, your social media efforts will suffer. Social media also requires strategy and good communication skills. If you need help with these skills for your business, you have arrived at the right destination.

To serve you better, this website will branch off into two separate websites: a (1) “Social Media” training site and a (2) “Computer” training site. You can find the links to them in the Menu above. I have created a quick video to give you an quick overview of what’s contained within these two sites.

I trust you will find lots of learning here and that these sites will help you develop better computer and social media skills. My clients will also use the extra “private training” information to supplement their training experience with me. I look forward to training you in the future.

Maybe you are wondering about social media for your business? If you want to use social media for your business, you will be required to have (1) good computer skills and (2) good social media skills; or else you will have to acquire them. Using social media marketing effectively for your business will also require some “How To” and lots of “Strategy” experience. If you are looking to learn, then welcome to your journey of learning with Alpha Social Media Inc.

Here’s a quick video that I created to market Alpha Social Media Inc on the various social networks. Please take a look and imagine what you can do for your business.

How is Alpha Social Media Inc’s training different:

Jeff Brown has delivered over 2460 hours of social media training and computer training to businesses in Halifax, Dartmouth, Shelburne, Yarmouth, and throughout Nova Scotia. Jeff takes all complicated parts of social media and breaks them down so that his clients can understandable. Understanding creates better social media effectiveness.  After all, we don’t need another program or another book on the shelf, we need to understand and apply what we have learned.

Here is a video from one of Jeff’s social media training program. Jeff shares why “Filling out all the information is important”:

Your business needs to:

  • Understand the “Why” of social media
  • Start social media off right and avoid social media mistakes
  • Employ social media strategies that work
  • Use effective time management for social media
  • Build a responsive social media network

My thoughts on social media and business – Jeff Brown:

I find that many business owners still do not understand how to use social media as a marketing tool. Some businesses are getting frustrated with social media. Many have been given a carrot, but have not been able to bite it. That is frustrating them. My training helps you use social media and see results.

The truth is that social media is now a required part of business. After all the hype is gone, social media is one of the tools in your business tool box. It should not be your only marketing tool; just one of them. And it will take some time to learn social media.

There is so much to social media. Where do you get started? What applications do you use? I tell businesses that… “It’s better to be really good on a few social media applications, than to spread yourself out to thin.” You do need some help to get started correctly and effectively.

I trust you will enjoy the social media and computer training sites.

Client Testimonials

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!

Mary Stickings


I attended a several week training session on Social Media with Jeff as it related to the real estate industry. Jeff was excellent at both training and applying current social media technologies to the industry in a way that was easy to understand, relevant and valuable. 

I have taken Jeff's teachings and applied many of his lessons to my daily business and have seen positive, direct results in a short time.


In this day and age, social media is becoming such a powerful tool for growing your business. Any organization or individual that doesn't capitalize on it's potential may find they start lagging the competition. 

Jeff is a wonderful trainer and I look forward to taking the next level of social media training with him.

John Linders, BScEng

The "Got It Done" Realtor® at RE/MAX nova

Jeff Brown has opened my eyes to the power of social media in business recreation and community building, just to name a few areas. He is a master educator and coach.

Jeff's teaching and coaching approach leaves no doubt about his passion for spreading the word of the importance of social media in business. It doesn't matter what your present skill level is when entering Jeff's training program, there is a learning experience for everybody.

Personally, I am walking away from Jeff's program as a much more functional real estate agent and his training has already put money in my bank account. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful opportunity that was handed me in this work training program.

Jeff.. I will always be grateful for all your dedication and enthusiasm that shines through every word you speak in our classes...Sincerely, John 

Tim Tucker

Manager at Futureworx Job Search Centre Elmsdale

Jeff Brown is easily the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in the field of social media. Jeff takes the time to break down the complicated parts, making them easy to figure out and use. He also makes it fun! 

If you are looking for help in the social media field, Jeff is the person you want to speak with. The expertise he can pass along to you is invaluable.

Susan Skinner, AMP

Mortgage Broker at TMG The Mortgage Group

I met Jeff Brown during a training session to introduce my workplace to Social Media. My knowledge of the impact SM can have was minimal; Jeff helped to open my eyes to the possibilities that embracing Social Media can have on my business. 

It the the place of the future. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable, patient and has great ideas on how to use Social Media in our everyday world, both professionally and personally. 

When thinking of anyone I have met in the Social Media craze, I think of Jeff Brown.

Nicky Smith

Real Estate Consultant at EXIT Realty 1st Call

The greatest character trait that Jeff possesses, among others, is his genuineness. He doesn't just "teach" social media; he cares about how it's received. 

Jeff is passionate about helping his clients embrace the information in a way that they will ,undoubtedly, benefit from it. Not only did I learn a great deal from his classes, but I thoroughly enjoyed them also. Jeff has a unique positive energy that makes learning fun and exciting. 

I would recommended Jeff's social media classes to anyone and everyone!

Juanita Hiscock

Microsoft Office Corporate Trainer - JH TRAINING SERVICES

Jeff is Mr. Social Media. I have a pleasure to work with Jeff on various workplace education programs, and as an Instructor myself, I truly believe you need to know and love what you do, and no one speaks to this more than Jeff. 

He is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and current with everything he deliveries. Social Media is so important in the workplace now and Jeff knows how to move companies forwards because he is living proof that Social Media works.

Mary Stickings
John Linders, BScEng
Tim Tucker
Susan Skinner, AMP
Nicky Smith
Juanita Hiscock